Top 5 Most Affordable Communities in Abu Dhabi

Home seekers in Abu Dhabi will therefore find it a bit challenging but not impossible to obtain a fairly priced unit. Other apartments that you will get from Saadiyat Island and Yas Island may be too expensive for you especially if you are a low-budget person. To enable the consumer to reap more value for his or her money as it is a common saying in many households go countryside.

The interest that has been seen in the affordable houses by several major corporate organizations in Abu Dhabi is probably going to help with the project execution it remains a chronic challenge in the real estate business.

Below, you will find the list of the cheapest Abu Dhabi neighborhoods to rent including the options of furnished one-bedroom apartments or three-bedroom houses. Well, it is all up to personal preference!

List of the Affordable Areas in Abu Dhabi

Below is the list of the 5 best communities where if you want the best in class amenities the city has to offer at cheap rents this list is your savior if you are looking for the cheapest properties for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Al Ghadeer

Currently, in the UAE, the affordable homes market is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Located on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in the Seih Al Sdeirah investment area, Al Ghadeer is a community.

At the question of affordable and relatively cheap housing offers, the region ranks among the most attractive areas regarding rent. Priced at AED 58, 000, this Al Ghadeer property falls in the average cost bracket of furnished one B/R apt.

Al Shamkha

Al Shamkha is well connected with Abu Dhabi International Airport thus making the transport easy. It has gradually developed into a built-up urban area noticeable for the real estate revolution. Presently, the cheapest available furnished one-bedroom accommodation will cost about AED 65000 in the area.

Beach Rotana Tourist Club Area

This is a cheap area within the city of Abu Dhabi where one can wake up to the beautiful scenery of the water body every morning. Specifically, one of the major residential areas that you certainly should consider exploring is the area called Beach Rotana Tourist Club Area.

This center is conveniently located within walking distance from the mentioned neighborhood, namely Abu Dhabi Mall. On the other end, the most affordable one-year stay at a 1-bedroom les making it costs AED 67,000 yearly for average rents that are now estimated at AED 70,000.

Hamdan Street

Hamdan Street is ideal if you want accommodation services within the heart of town if you are searching for one. Flats of one-bedroom cost approximately AED 68,000 and this is close to the present lowest rental that this neighborhood offers.

Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island is one of the initial free zones of Abu Dhabi and is a very popular waterfront city built on reclaimed land. Other activities also endow citizens of Al Reem island with endless amusement as there is much to do on the island.

The lowest-valued property for sale in the area is currently AED 79,000; the median property value in this area is AED 85,000.


There are many choices in Abu Dhabi where it is possible to spend a nice time at a reasonable price within the category of the most inexpensive accommodations. You will, no doubt, love the unbeatable joy of living in the nation’s capital!

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