How to Process Buckthorn and the Health Effects

Buckthorn is a special plant and its edible berries have many nutrients that can benefit you. Buckthorn is also regarded as one of the superfruits known such as  pomegranate, goji, or acai. In particular, the high percentage of vitamin C makes this berry an important helper to strengthen the immune system.

But even when taking off, Buckthorn can help and let the hunger fade away. To your skin, buckthorn is a true elixir that provides the skin with numerous important vitamins. But also for vegans, buckthorn is a good medicinal plant for taking vitamin B12 because it is precisely this vitamin that is not found in many foods in large quantities, such as healthpally.

Processing of Buckthorn

Buckthorn tastes very sour. For this reason, the juice is usually sweetened with honey.

To get this, the fruits are first washed and then squeezed out. Also, there are mixed juices to cover sour taste.

Very popular is a buckthorn apple juice that tastes refreshing. A buckthorn powder is also available.

In this case, Fruits from organic cultivation are dried first and then gently processed into powders, so that the valuable ingredients are retained.

About 8 kg of sand thorn fruit is needed to produce a kilo of buckthorn powder, according to Farmpally data.

The oil is obtained from the press residues of the cores and fruit.

This is full of fat-soluble vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

The shrub is grown in Russia mainly because of this excellent oil. It is used in gastrointestinal disorders as well as in skin diseases.

Benefits of Buckthorn

Buckthorn has been used in traditional medicine for centuries across Africa and Asia, however it can also have some ill effects if misused.

It can help Digestion 

Buckthorn has some laxative properties, hence, it can be used to relieve constipation naturally, and thus promote bowel movements.

It can reduce inflammation

Buckthorn has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce swelling and pain in your body.

Antimicrobial properties

Not only antiinflammatory properties, it can also help fight harmful bacteria in the body, thus fight bacterial infections

Any Side effects of Buckthorn?

So far, there are no side effects or contraindications of buckthorn which are known.

However, It’s important to note that buckthorn can be toxic if taken in large doses or for extended periods. 

Also, it’s not advisable to take buckthorn in the following situations

During Pregnancy and breastfeeding

It may stimulate the uterus and cause complications.

Kidney problems

Taking Buckthorn may worsen kidney problems, as it can increase the risk of kidney damage.

Frequent use of buckthorn

Buckthorn can cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and nausea if taken in large doses or for extended periods.

It can also cause allergic reactions or interact with other medications.

Buying Buckthorn

If you want to buy buckthorn, you will usually find them in organic stores or health stores.

But numerous products are also available on the Internet.

While local shops usually have only buckthorn juice or dried berries and a small selection of oil or care products, on online stores, it keeps everything ready to use the valuable fruit for health.

Of course yes, when buying buckthorn, it is important that the fruits come from sustainable cultivation and are certified with organic certification, chaktty advised.

So you can be sure that no pesticides or toxins are present in the products.

In addition, the purchase of buckthorn should always be from a reputable trader with an assurance of good quality.


Buckthorn is still quite unknown to many. Nevertheless, the fruit is a valuable source of vitamins and can be used as support in numerous complaints.

Especially for vegans, it should be integrated into their diet, because Buckthorn has a large vitamin B12 content which is lacking in many vegans.

Those who want to do good to their health should not renounce buckthorn products.

As dried berries are used in the kitchen, as a powder for food to refine or as oil to treat skin problems, buckthorn is undoubtedly a great fruit to increase your performance and conserve your energy.

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